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I’m busy working on getting my website set up


I have a few friends keeping me company while I work on my website:) Robecca Steam will need to keep an eye on her pet mechanical penguin or Ellowyne may want to keep it. I just got Rochelle Goyle and Robecca yesterday, I love their shoes, especially Robecca’s boots. Rochelle got out of her box and right away wanted a new a dress so she could sit down more comfortably. I just made her the one she now is wearing from the pink dress in the Lydia collection and she is very happy with it.

An 18″ doll dress

One of my 18″ American Girl dolls wanted a new dress… I had an idea that I could possibly put together a dress using pieces from my outfits so I thought I would give it a try. She picked out what dress she wanted and I came up with this.


I used five backs of the flared skirt with train, two straight skirts, a small circle and four tops to make this dress.


The top is made from two straight skirt pieces, two top pieces for the shoulder straps, and the tip of a small circle to add additional detail. I taped everything as shown with the tape on the plain side of the paper.


Then I wrapped the top around the doll and taped the straight skirt pieces together, it was a really snug fit. I folded the top pieces over and taped them to the back of the straight skirt.


I used five pieces of the flared skirt with train, just the back piece with the train, and taped them together as shown in the picture. I wrapped the skirt around the doll’s waist, overlapped the edges in the back and taped it in place.


I used two top pieces for sleeves. I wrapped one on each side around the dolls arm, slid it up so it was beneath the shoulder top pieces and secured with tape. For a spur of the moment first time making a Printable Doll Clothes dress for an American Girl doll, I think it came out really cute:)

Another variation of this dress would be to skip the sleeves and cut the shoulder top pieces into rectangles by cutting off the bottom half. This would be a more modern formal party dress look for the dress.


I’ve since come up with another American Girl dress combination. You can see how to make this dress here.

AG Barbie from Back