A LOT of new updates and tweaks

Printable Doll Clothes Mega PackRecently I went through all my dress files and updated some that needed a little tweaking added several more new dresses to my existing collections. The Mega Pack now has fifty more 4 page pdf dress sets than it did before. I also added two new free dresses. Printable Doll Clothes Sample Dress Green Printable Doll Clothes Sample Dress Blue And I’ve completed four new videos.

I hope you enjoy the new dresses!

Photos of Marigold

Today I was very happy when a special little box arrived. It was shaped like a book and had Marigold written on the cover.

Inside the box was a very sweet and tiny little doll! She is very special in her own right but especially so because she was a Christmas gift from my Grandmother.

She is so tiny!

She looks like a very cute, but very sleepy little girl. I started to put her shoes on.

She looks like she is saying, “Okay, you got my slippers on, now can I go to sleep?”

“My little bed is just right there.”

“So comfy…”

“Its bedtime! Why are you still taking pictures?”

“Oh, I have a nice big sister to keep an eye on me while I sleep? How nice. So very comfy… Zzzzzzzzz”