A LOT of new updates and tweaks

Printable Doll Clothes Mega PackRecently I went through all my dress files and updated some that needed a little tweaking added several more new dresses to my existing collections. The Mega Pack now has fifty more 4 page pdf dress sets than it did before. I also added two new free dresses. Printable Doll Clothes Sample Dress Green Printable Doll Clothes Sample Dress Blue And I’ve completed four new videos.

I hope you enjoy the new dresses!

Photos of Marigold

Today I was very happy when a special little box arrived. It was shaped like a book and had Marigold written on the cover.

Inside the box was a very sweet and tiny little doll! She is very special in her own right but especially so because she was a Christmas gift from my Grandmother.

She is so tiny!

She looks like a very cute, but very sleepy little girl. I started to put her shoes on.

She looks like she is saying, “Okay, you got my slippers on, now can I go to sleep?”

“My little bed is just right there.”

“So comfy…”

“Its bedtime! Why are you still taking pictures?”

“Oh, I have a nice big sister to keep an eye on me while I sleep? How nice. So very comfy… Zzzzzzzzz”

I’m having a sale at my Etsy Store

From now until the end of December you can use coupon code DEC2013 for $4.99 off your purchase of $14.00 or more. That is the same as buying two dress collections and getting the third for free!!!

I’m having a fun time designing my dress collections. Here are pictures of my two latest collections, Diana and Marie.

Diana GroupMarie Three Closeup

There definitely is a lot of variety in dolls today. Its fun to design for all sorts of dolls and all sorts of dress styles, from ancient Egyptian inspired fashion right up to modern looks.

Launching my website

I’m really excited, today is is launch day! If you are here today, I’m still a bit in the process of getting everything together and linked properly, so if something feels that it is missing it probably will be in place soon.

Royal Birthstones

Also, there are so many combinations that can be made with my outfit sets I haven’t yet made tutorial videos for every single item. For example, just this week I designed these new overskirts in the picture above and I have a feeling there are new combinations I haven’t even discovered yet that my outfit pieces can make. So, since there is already plenty of tutorials to begin with, I’ve decided to go ahead and launch my website then add the new tutorial videos very soon.

In case you are curious about these overskirts, here is how to make them. For each outfit I first made the top and then a circle skirt for the base skirt. Going from left to right, Ever After High Madeline Hatter has a small circle as an overskirt prepared exactly the same as a large circle skirt. Raven Queen has a straight skirt piece that is folded and prepared like a circle skirt as her overskirt. Apple White has a circle skirt that I cut along one of the fold lines until nearly at the top and folded back the edges diagonally underneath to make a split front overskirt. On top is a small circle prepared the same way. Briar Beauty has the same over skirt that Raven Queen has. However, I centered hers and angled Raven’s to be asymmetrical to give them different looks. Briar is the only one with half circle sleeves with a band around the middle and the others have the wraparound belt collar. They are modeling outfits from the Royal Birthstone collection.


I’ve now made a video that includes the tutorial  for these overskirts. Here it is.