American Girl

AG With Barbie

Barbie, “I can’t believe your wearing the same dress I am!”

My dolls never seem to understand the concept of “size” when they want to borrow each others dresses. Luckily my printable doll clothes are very accommodating to different doll sizes.

To make this American girl doll dress you will need two tops, two belts, a large circle, and four back pieces from the flared skirt.

Two American Girls

AG Top 1

To make the top take top pieces and turn them upside down so that the angled ages face up. Not all tops will work for this outfit since it will make heart shaped buttons appear upside down but there are plenty of my tops that will work. Tape the edges of two tops together on the sides you see the tape in this picture. Center the front top on the doll with the angled sides of the top underneath the dolls arm. Put tape on the underside of the back piece and overlap the top on the front onto the tape so the tape is not seen.

AG Top 2

This should make a nice smooth top for your doll. It is a little complicated to describe but hopefully the pictures are clear enough.

AG Close Up

Make puff sleeves exactly the same as you would for other dolls only use a large circle instead of a small circle and use a belt piece for a band.

Julia Middle Puff

Slightly raise the gather point and the belt to make a middle puff sleeve.

AG Barbie from Back

“And the skirt?” Barbie asks.

AG Skirt

To make the skirt take four of the back pieces(Or front pieces or mixture of the two) of the flared skirt and tape them together with just a tiny bit of overlap. Center one of the pieces on the front of the doll and wrap the skirt around the dolls waist. Tape the last edges of the skirt pieces together in place. You may want to put a piece of tape on the back of the doll or under her arm where it won’t show to attach the skirt to the top. Otherwise, providing it is snug, it should stay in place while on display.

Also, different American Girl dolls can vary slightly in width. The first doll I made this skirt for it fit perfectly, the second it was a little snug. I would advise giving your doll a great big hug before making this dress just to be on the safe side. If the skirt, or top, is too tight to overlap, use an insert piece of paper from either another top or skirt to bridge the gap.


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