A LOT of new updates and tweaks

Printable Doll Clothes Mega PackRecently I went through all my dress files and updated some that needed a little tweaking added several more new dresses to my existing collections. The Mega Pack now has fifty more 4 page pdf dress sets than it did before. I also added two new free dresses. Printable Doll Clothes Sample Dress Green Printable Doll Clothes Sample Dress Blue And I’ve completed four new videos.

I hope you enjoy the new dresses!

After Ever After High Dolls

I subscribe to the My Froggy Stuff channel and I was really excited to see her After Ever After High doll transformation video.


Basically, you take an Ever After High dolls head and put it on a Barbie dolls body giving the finished doll a more grown up look. On the right is an original Ever After High Doll and on the left is an After Ever After High doll with her new body.


I really like the new look with the dolls. I’ve had fun making several of these dolls and I’ll probably make some more.


I really like Hat-Tastic Cerise Hood’s new steampunk look. She’s modeling a dress from my Edwina dress set.

Introducing Edwina

Edwina Group

Here is Edwina, my latest dress collection. I really like how the picture turned out. They look like they are ready to start out on an adventure, or maybe they are just a local literary society currently reading Sherlock Holmes? Incidentally, I was listening to the unabridged “The Return of Sherlock Holmes” while I designed and made these dresses. Which of the three students was it who copied the test questions in the professor’s study? Holmes was certainly able to figure it out  and thus I now know:) Maybe not one of the cases with a great deal hanging on the outcome, though the test was to figure out which student was going to get a very valuable scholarship, but still interesting and amusing. Now to find out what awaits in the next adventure… After all, it is Elementary, my dear Watson, once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth!

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Christmas Apple White


The Christmas decorations and tree are up, presents have been picked out, and my dolls are ready to get dressed up for Christmas parties:)


Naturally they wanted me to design them a set of Christmas dresses. I very obediently did but when it was time to print them out… Oh no! I’m almost out of paper! I just had enough to print the circle skirt and top page for each of the new dress designs I made.

Christmas Party

So, these girls are going to be just a little chilly until I get some more paper and print some sleeves for them:) However, they didn’t want to wait to be models in my new Etsy listing  so I went ahead and photographed them. 


Introducing Marie

Marie Citrus Side

I am so excited about my new design! I love Rococo fashions and I’m thrilled with how this dress turned out. I developed this skirt shape yesterday so I don’t yet have a tutorial video for how to make this skirt.

The skirt is made using the same method as making the flared skirt only it uses two back pieces instead of one. Keeping the front straight and centered the back pieces are gathered and compressed to the back of the doll, taped in place, and the belt covers some of the tape and helps hold things in place. Careful adjustment is needed to get the back just right on the skirt. I’ll be adding a tutorial video for how to make this outfit soon but in the mean time you can look at the pictures.

Marie BackDSC02982