Underneath each picture I have a list of the pieces used to make the outfits in the order to make them. I’ve also included an amazon link to the doll modeling the outfit so if you fall in love with any of my dolls you’ll know where to find one just like her:)Emma Regency

Each dress begins with a top and empire waisted flared skirt with belt.

From left to right, Teresa and Raquelle have puff sleeves.

The doll in blue from the Barbie I Can Be Fashion Model Giftset has middle puff sleeves.

Summer has straight sleeves with a puff sleeves added on top.
Emma Group

Each of these dresses modeled by Ever After High dolls, begins with a top and a circle skirt.

Briar Beauty has cap sleeves with half circle sleeves around the bottom.

Apple White has a combo sleeve (straight sleeves plus half circle sleeves) and a wrap around collar.

Raven Queen has straight sleeves (with a strap band around the bottom) and a cape.

Madeline Hatter has middle puff sleeves.

Emma Vintage Repro

Enchanted Evening Barbie has a top, circle skirt, and shoulder straps.

AG With Barbie

For details on how to make this dress for an American Girl Doll go to my page here.

Pinkie Cooper wearing Emma

Pinkie Cooper is wearing a top, circle skirt, and wrap around collar.

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