Underneath each picture I have a list of the pieces used to make the outfits in the order to make them. I’ve also included a link to the doll modeling the outfit so if you fall in love with any of my dolls you’ll know where to find one just like her:) Kate

Going from left to right, these are all vintage reproduction Barbies. Each dress begins with a top and circle skirt.

Barbie Solo in the Spotlight has shoulder straps.

Wedding Day Barbie has puff sleeves.

Barbie 35th Anniversary Brunette has a wrap around collar.

35th Anniversary Midge has shoulder straps.

Enchanted Evening Barbie has a belt and shoulder straps.

Kate La Dee Da

La Dee Da, Tylie is wearing a top, circle skirt, and wrap around collar.


Bratz Kool Catz Pink Panther Doll is wearing a top, circle skirt, and puff sleeves.


Bloom is wearing a top, circle skirt, and combo sleeve straight sleeves + half small circle sleeves.

Barbie wearing Kate

Barbie wears a top, straight skirt, and belt.

Printable Doll Clothes Kate

Briar Beauty is wearing a top, straight skirt but with no belt, and wrap around collar.

A Sparkle Girlz doll from Walmart, is wearing a top, straight skirt with belt, and shoulder straps.

In the blue and cream dress near the center, Dorothy is wearing a top, straight skirt over skirt with belt, and middle puff sleeves.

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