Photos of Marigold

Today I was very happy when a special little box arrived. It was shaped like a book and had Marigold written on the cover.

Inside the box was a very sweet and tiny little doll! She is very special in her own right but especially so because she was a Christmas gift from my Grandmother.

She is so tiny!

She looks like a very cute, but very sleepy little girl. I started to put her shoes on.

She looks like she is saying, “Okay, you got my slippers on, now can I go to sleep?”

“My little bed is just right there.”

“So comfy…”

“Its bedtime! Why are you still taking pictures?”

“Oh, I have a nice big sister to keep an eye on me while I sleep? How nice. So very comfy… Zzzzzzzzz”

Ellowyne’s new dress and her doll

Heidi Ellowyne With Doll 2I have several of the Ellowyne dolls by Wilde Imagination and I really enjoy them. They are taller and wider than Barbie dolls so my outfits don’t work for these dolls without some adjustments.

To make this dress for my Ellowyne, I cut along the top line of the top piece and left extra white along the edges so it will wrap all the way around the doll. I left the extra at the bottom as that adds stability when placing the top on the doll.


I used the front piece of the flared skirt and taped two back pieces to the edges of the front. Then I wrapped the skirt around the doll and taped the overlap in the back.



The belt piece wasn’t long enough to wrap around the doll’s waist so I took a strap piece, cut in half, and taped the edges to each side of the belt piece. I taped on the back of the belt so the tape wouldn’t show up. Then I wrapped the belt around the doll’s waist and taped in place. I used the other piece for a wrap around collar. Things do look a little messy in the back but the front looks good:)


My dolls like to have their own dolls. I like to dress them in matching outfits. To make Ellowyne’s Doll’s Dress I wrapped part of a strap around the waist of a little doll and taped in place. I used half of a prepared small circle for the circle skirt. Then I took another strap piece and cut out a triangle shaped insert and wrapped it around her shoulders and taped in place in the back.

Heidi Ellowyne with doll 1

To make these dresses I used pieces from the Heidi collection.

Recently I got three of the background scenes from American Girl. They are really fun for photography and can work for more dolls than just 18″ if you get your angles right.  I got the snow scene, the park scene, and this scene which is the party room.

I had a lot of fun today taking pictures with the new backgrounds.