Printable Doll Clothes Laura

Avery is wearing a top, circle skirt, and puff sleeves.

Disney store Belle is wearing a top, middle puff sleeves, and flared skirt with belt.

Audrey Hepburn is wearing a top, shoulder straps, and straight skirt with belt.

Tiny Kitty Collier by Tonner is wearing a topcircle skirt, straight sleeves, and cape.

Robecca Steam is wearing a top, wrap around collar, small circle over skirt and straight skirt over skirt. I wrapped the circle skirt around the lowest part of the top and taped in place. Then I placed the straight skirt overskirt underneath and taped it to the small circle skirt in the back for added length.

Bloom is wearing a top, circle skirt, straight skirt over skirt, and wrap around collar.

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