5. Preparing a circle

To make the paper circles act more like fabric there is a certain way to fold them. It’s the same method to prepare a big circle and a small circle.

Take the circle and fold it in half. Then fold it into quarters and keep folding it in half until you can’t fold it any more. Carefully crease your folds so they’ll stay in place.


DSC01841 DSC01842 DSC01843 DSC01847

Once it reaches this final fold point unfold it to the half way point. You’ll see the lines where the folds were. Use these as a guide and accordion pleat the skirt, first folding one way then another, and tightly creasing the folds.


Slightly unfold and the skirt should look like this.


Cut out the inner circle. This is much easier to do when the skirt is folded in half than when it is a full circle. Carefully trim any extra white that may be left over.

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