Nicole Vintage Reproduction Barbie

Barbie dolls come in several shapes and varieties. The vintage original body style has a smaller waist and wider shoulders.

Julia Group

The Model Muse collector doll size is thinner.

Emma Regency

And there are the posable Barbie Fashionistas.

Lydia Group

Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea can wear my outfits too but they are much thinner and smaller.

Lydia Chelseas

For Chelsea dolls I use the small circle for the skirt. The pink dress has straps and a small circle skirt with a belt wrapped around both. The purple dress has the small circle skirt wrapped around the straps. On this dress I taped the straps in place directly to the doll. The green dress has a belt, a small circle skirt and a wrap around collar.

Elaine Group Shot

There are a lot of combinations that look great on Barbie dolls.


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