Underneath each picture I have a list of the pieces used to make the outfits in the order to make them. Amanda

The brown dress worn by Robecca Steam has a top, flared skirt, belt and shoulder straps.

The other dresses begin with a top then have a circle skirt.

Yellow, worn by Cleo De Nile, has a combo sleeve (elbow length straight sleeves plus half circle sleeves) with a wrap around collar.

Red, worn by Ghoulia Yelps, has a belt and puff sleeves.

Black and White has straight sleeves plus a cape.

Blue, worn by Lagoona Blue, has a wrap around collar.

Amanda one shot

Barbie is wearing a top, flared skirt, belt, and shoulder straps.

Amanda two shot

Raquelle and I’m a Toys R Us Kid Barbie are both wearing a top, straight skirt, belt, and shoulder straps.

City Girl and Amber

Both dresses have a top, circle skirt, belt, and shoulder straps.

Amanda Barbie Princess

Top, empire waist flared skirt, belt, puff sleeves.

Printable Doll Clothes Amanda

In the gold dress, Cleo De Nile is wearing a top, small circle skirt, and cap sleeves.

In the red dress, Cerise Hood is wearing a top, belt, puff sleeves, and straight skirt over skirt.

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