Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Christmas Apple White


The Christmas decorations and tree are up, presents have been picked out, and my dolls are ready to get dressed up for Christmas parties:)


Naturally they wanted me to design them a set of Christmas dresses. I very obediently did but when it was time to print them out… Oh no! I’m almost out of paper! I just had enough to print the circle skirt and top page for each of the new dress designs I made.

Christmas Party

So, these girls are going to be just a little chilly until I get some more paper and print some sleeves for them:) However, they didn’t want to wait to be models in my new Etsy listing  so I went ahead and photographed them. 


One thought on “Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

  1. I saw your youtube channel and I think you explain very well how to make them you don’t boast like the other ones do, you calmly tell people how to make them, though the printer doesn’t have any ink left,, still love those designs

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