Ever After High C. A. Cupid photo shoot

I just got Ever After High C.A. Cupid Doll and as soon as she was out of the box she wanted a new dress… Then she wanted a photo shoot… Then she wanted me to write a post all about her and mention just how cute she is. And I’m doing it all because she is really, really cute:)

C. A. Cupid Ever After High Doll 1

She is wearing a top, circle skirt, and middle puff sleeves from the Edwina dress set.

C. A. Cupid. Ever After High Doll 2

C. A. Cupid Ever After High Doll 3

I think she may be my favorite Ever After high doll so far. Though Ashlynn Ella is a very close second:)

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Christmas Apple White


The Christmas decorations and tree are up, presents have been picked out, and my dolls are ready to get dressed up for Christmas parties:)


Naturally they wanted me to design them a set of Christmas dresses. I very obediently did but when it was time to print them out… Oh no! I’m almost out of paper! I just had enough to print the circle skirt and top page for each of the new dress designs I made.

Christmas Party

So, these girls are going to be just a little chilly until I get some more paper and print some sleeves for them:) However, they didn’t want to wait to be models in my new Etsy listing  so I went ahead and photographed them. 


Launching my website

I’m really excited, today is is launch day! If you are here today, I’m still a bit in the process of getting everything together and linked properly, so if something feels that it is missing it probably will be in place soon.

Royal Birthstones

Also, there are so many combinations that can be made with my outfit sets I haven’t yet made tutorial videos for every single item. For example, just this week I designed these new overskirts in the picture above and I have a feeling there are new combinations I haven’t even discovered yet that my outfit pieces can make. So, since there is already plenty of tutorials to begin with, I’ve decided to go ahead and launch my website then add the new tutorial videos very soon.

In case you are curious about these overskirts, here is how to make them. For each outfit I first made the top and then a circle skirt for the base skirt. Going from left to right, Ever After High Madeline Hatter has a small circle as an overskirt prepared exactly the same as a large circle skirt. Raven Queen has a straight skirt piece that is folded and prepared like a circle skirt as her overskirt. Apple White has a circle skirt that I cut along one of the fold lines until nearly at the top and folded back the edges diagonally underneath to make a split front overskirt. On top is a small circle prepared the same way. Briar Beauty has the same over skirt that Raven Queen has. However, I centered hers and angled Raven’s to be asymmetrical to give them different looks. Briar is the only one with half circle sleeves with a band around the middle and the others have the wraparound belt collar. They are modeling outfits from the Royal Birthstone collection.


I’ve now made a video that includes the tutorial  for these overskirts. Here it is.

Ashlynn Ella’s new dress

I just got the Ever After High Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman Doll, 2-Pack and right away Ashlynn wanted a new dress that would be perfect for a picnic in the forest. I used the green dress from the Heidi collection to make this outfit for Ashlynn.

Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman

This dress is made from a top, circle skirt, and half circle sleeve with the band around the upper middle where it wouldn’t cover the design border. I’m very happy with how pretty she looks:)