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A LOT of new updates and tweaks

Printable Doll Clothes Mega PackRecently I went through all my dress files and updated some that needed a little tweaking added several more new dresses to my existing collections. The Mega Pack now has fifty more 4 page pdf dress sets than it did before. I also added two new free dresses. Printable Doll Clothes Sample Dress Green Printable Doll Clothes Sample Dress Blue And I’ve completed four new videos. https://youtu.be/qMDqV7vwei8 https://youtu.be/aAP8PfWojaY https://youtu.be/TKGIGVtziUw https://youtu.be/mbVkv5nmb5k

I hope you enjoy the new dresses!

Introducing Edwina

Edwina Group

Here is Edwina, my latest dress collection. I really like how the picture turned out. They look like they are ready to start out on an adventure, or maybe they are just a local literary society currently reading Sherlock Holmes? Incidentally, I was listening to the unabridged “The Return of Sherlock Holmes” while I designed and made these dresses. Which of the three students was it who copied the test questions in the professor’s study? Holmes was certainly able to figure it out  and thus I now know:) Maybe not one of the cases with a great deal hanging on the outcome, though the test was to figure out which student was going to get a very valuable scholarship, but still interesting and amusing. Now to find out what awaits in the next adventure… After all, it is Elementary, my dear Watson, once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth!

My new American Girl Dress Design

AG With Barbie

This evening one of my American Girl Dolls wanted a new dress so I made her one:) My Barbie Fashionista is more than a little surprised that her dress was just “borrowed” by an American girl doll! You can see how to make this dress here.

Earlier I’d made this dress for another of my American Girl Dolls.


However, I like the new dress layout better. It is also easier to make.

I’ll be making a tutorial video for making American Girl Doll clothes out of my designs soon. I will probably do some more experimenting and see what other combinations I come up with.